My skincare story, what worked for me!


This (before side) is how my skin used to look like a year back and (after side) is how my skin looks right now. Before, you accuse me of wearing makeup on my current picture let me tell you that I am wearing a lipstick, a little bit of eyeliner and that’s it. No, my skin isn’t flawless but I am liking it where it is right now and this post I’ll be sharing my skincare story with you all.

Truth be told, I never really had good skin and I never knew how having that felt like but last year in January I started gaining a lot of weight and that was when my skin started to get worse. Initially, I started getting breakouts on my left side and as time passes by I saw my face being covered with acne marks & regular breakouts, the saddest part whenever one pimple dried up another one popped onto my face.

To cure it I tried everything-night creams, regular clean-ups, aloevera, a helthish diet plan, tons of face packs and masks and I even stopped wearing makeup out of the fear that it might clog or suffocate my skin any further but it just didn’t get any better. Friends and family also recommended different products and techniques but nothing worked, the weirdest one being applying your saliva to your face as soon as wake up (although I never had the guts to try it, if you have tried it and it worked for you then please let me know in the comments below),I was constantly looking for things that could improve my skin and after a lot of errors I was finally able to crack what my skin wants.

In July 2017 my skin finally started to get better, I felt as if I was given a new life. It felt like a miracle, waking up and realizing nothing new has popped on my face  (I know, I sound melodramatic but please bear with me).

Ooh btw, my skin type is Dry and acne prone.

Now that I have built up the suspense let me start my decoding what helped me in getting my skin back normal:

  • I finally visited a dermatologist

Seems like a no-brainer, right? But it took me forever to understand that the reasons I was breaking out like crazy were not a bad diet or weight gain or the heat or the pollution but A FREAKING INFECTION that was inside my body for the past six months and do you want to know how the doctor cured it? He gave me a tablet for 10days that helped in killing the infection and a tube to apply on the pimples just in case it popped again.

My breakouts did decrease but I was left with a face that was full of scars and that was even more haunting.

  • Followed CTM (cleansing-toning-moisturizing) religiously

I always found it very hard and kinda useless to follow a skincare routine but after the treatment my skin was left in a horrible state and to bring it back to normal one the things that worked for me was following a proper CTM routine and in my case I used to double tone (I have acne prone skin usually the products that help me control acne are even more drying on my skin, so balance it out I use a hydrating toner after I am done using a toner that prevents or controls acne.)

  • Changing my pillowcase

This seems like a minuscule task, right? Trust me; it makes a lot of difference. Pillowcases accumulate a ton of bacteria in a very short span of time so it’s best to change them every week for a healthier skin.

  • Steaming my face

I started steaming my face back in July 2017, it helped in cleaning my pores and it made my skin glow the next morning then one day I was watching a video on YouTube in which Farah Dhukai was describing how she gets clear skin in 5 days in which she incorporated it with face packs and cleansers and I must tell you that it worked like a charm for me. whenever my skin feels suffocated or weird I do this routine at night before sleeping and wake up with good skin the next morning.

  • Using grapeseed oil

This is something that I discovered a month and half back and it has already made a lot of difference to my skin. Grapeseed oil is famous for its various properties such as controlling acne &pimples, balancing oil secretion which makes it a ideal product for both oily and dry skin people. I use it after toning my skin and before putting on my night cream.

  • Other things that worked for me:

Eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C

Drinking a lot of water (you can also try Detox water)

I am not an expert and I just wanted to share the things that worked for me, I hope you find it helpful.

Thank you!


19 thoughts on “My skincare story, what worked for me!

  1. San says:

    I have used saliva and it worked well for me..although feels a little gross.. steaming also is good. for my acne problem my doc suggested to wash face with luke warm water ( not hot, just warm ). Warm water allows sebum to glide away easily, whereas cold water hardens it, creating black heads.


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